Hi there, I'm glad you're here! I am Zozo, mother of Jim, 12 years old and wife of Tom. We also have a dog, Beatle the Beagle. I work as a physiotherapist and am very happy with that. I am very happy in general actually because life is really sweet. I am in my (very) early forties and feel stronger, better and more fabulous than ever. I think crossing that 40-line is a great thing for women... Anyway, since I like writing and documenting my life I thought I'd start a blog and here we are. We'll see where it takes us. Stay tuned!

Being Happy in My Forties

29 Jul 2021

Some people might find the idea of reaching the age of forty milestone daunting. I don't! There are many reasons to be happy at this age. I find that this is the time in my life when I can let go of many of the things that once weighed me down.

Start Practicing Gratitude Start Practicing Gratitude TodayToday

5 Feb 2020

Do you know how important gratitude is to your overall happiness? If we get negative, we can find a dozen reasons to moan about today, but why waste time on the bad things when life is short and our time is limited? Practice gratitude today and you'll see the difference.

Looking for a little spice in my life

11 Dec 2019

I love momming, but it can get a bit dull. I decided to put my heels on, grab the hubby, and head to our local casino. In some ways it was exactly what I expected: lots of lights and some glamour, loud with people around the roulette wheels and craps tables, smokey areas of poker tables, and so on. The things I wasn’t expecting was how many slots machines there were! In fact the casino is mainly slots machines!

When I was watching people play slots, I didn’t understand what the appeal is. Put a coin in, press a button, then wait. But like other things, it’s better playing slots than watching. I put a coin in and won! Well, once anyway.

Getting better, winning more often

Turns out that slots isn’t always a great deal in the casino. I found a website, https://www.njcasino.com/, that was really helpful in the tips it gave. Turns out that you have a lot better odds by playing online than you do in an actual casino. I also like that you can play whatever game you want when you want online, versus having to wait at the casino. And one more thing on the plus side; you can get no deposit bonus playing at online casinos!

Finding Joy in Little Things in Life

16 Nov 2019

Waking up every morning, the feeling of joy permeates my body as I admire the sunshine outside the window, or as I smell the aromatic freshly brewed coffee that my husband prepared for me. Life is full of little joys that are worth celebrating every moment.