Looking for a little spice in my life

I love momming, but it can get a bit dull. I decided to put my heels on, grab the hubby, and head to our local casino. In some ways it was exactly what I expected: lots of lights and some glamour, loud with people around the roulette wheels and craps tables, smokey areas of poker tables, and so on. The things I wasn’t expecting was how many slots machines there were! In fact the casino is mainly slots machines!

When I was watching people play slots, I didn’t understand what the appeal is. Put a coin in, press a button, then wait. But like other things, it’s better playing slots than watching. I put a coin in and won! Well, once anyway.

Getting better, winning more often

Turns out that slots isn’t always a great deal in the casino. I found a website, https://www.njcasino.com/, that was really helpful in the tips it gave. Turns out that you have a lot better odds by playing online than you do in an actual casino. I also like that you can play whatever game you want when you want online, versus having to wait at the casino. And one more thing on the plus side; you can get no deposit bonus playing at online casinos!

11 Dec 2019